Healthcare Communications & Social Media Curriculum

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Learn the basics of identifying a target audience and writing effective evidence-based messages. We cover best practices for engaging with Facebook and Twitter, along with professional networks such as LinkedIN and Doximity. Discover the history of HCSM as you acquire new blog-writing skills and explore the ins and outs of podcast production and digital CME creation. Learn to save time and adjust course with digital tools and metrics. And find out how other healthcare providers and medical researchers are using digital communication—every day—to reach millions of patients, families and colleagues with life-changing information.
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01 – Introduction to Healthcare Communications and Social Media (HCSM)
02 – Crafting Focused Messages for Target Audiences
03 – Facebook
04 – Twitter
05 – Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, Periscope
06 – LinkedIn, ResearchGate, Doximity, Sermo
07 – Writing Articles & Blog Posts
08 – Podcast Production
09 – Digital CME Creation
10 – Digital Tools & Metrics
11 – HCSM Research
12 – Putting It All Together

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Social Media for Medical Professionals:
Strategies for Successfully Engaging in an Online World