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Disordered Eating Among Teenagers – PediaCast CME 083

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Show Notes Description Dr Casey Levy and clinical dieticians, Sakiko Minagawa and Jamie Glodowski, visit the studio as we consider disordered eating among teenagers. We explore low energy availability, anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. Tune in to learn symptoms, diagnosis […]

Physical Activity and Strength Training – PediaCast CME 069

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  Show Notes Description  Dr Staci Fischer and Herman Hundley visit the studio as we consider physical activity and strength training in children and teenagers. How much and what sort of daily activity is recommended? And what type of strength […]

Sports Nutrition and Low Energy Availability – PediaCast CME 041

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Show Notes / Continuing Medical Education Information DESCRIPTION Dr Stacy Fischer (Sports Medicine) and Jessica Buschmann (Sports Dietician) visit the studio as we consider helping student athletes maintain adequate nutrition and hydration. We also explore the syndrome of Low Energy […]